Help needed from the Autistic community for writing my book.

Hello everyone,

I feel that I am going to gain momentum in writing my book manuscript again now that I have help from a great ally, Dr. Sue Barry (aka “Stereo Sue”), who was a friend of the late Oliver Sacks and wrote a book on vision therapy called Fixing my Gaze. Now that I have one great amount of assistance, I need another great amount of help that will make my book shine even greater and drive the point home: I need help and input from self-advocate organizations and Autistic people themselves.

I’ve managed to write a few questions I would like to ask for my book. They’re not easy, as they have to deal with how people in general and the medical profession see us, but I feel that our voices need to be heard in order to let doctors/scientists and other non-Autistic allies/potential allies know that we Autistics are here to stay and that we are valuable, and that our potential is vast. I need help to come up with more questions that will give substance to my book, among other things.

I’ll also be addressing a couple of criticisms of the Neurodiversity movement, such as that we “whitewash” autism.

Please contact me on Twitter for details. @AdAstraAspie


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