Getting out of a funk.

Around Christmastime, I lost all kinds of steam from the coming holidays, as people of any neurotype are wont to do.

One thing that’s been troubling me is that I want to talk about some things, but a few  things are holding me back:

1.)  I’m doing something that is greatly benefiting me, but I feel like I don’t have enough information to talk about it. I want to finish doing this thing that will remain mysterious for a while.

2.)  I’m feeling great amounts of chronic frustration in doing this thing, because I want it to be over so badly. Surprisingly, the meltdowns that usually come with it have not happened in over a month and a half.

3.)  Sometimes I feel that other self-advocates have said enough. What good would it do to add my voice and repeat something?

These are just feelings, though.


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